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Found 1 result

  1. Key Features: PassNGuard is 100% Free for both <Personal> or <Commercial> purposes Military-Grade Encryption Algorithm (AES Rijndael 256-bits) to protect the Passphrases Database Full Unicode support Stunning and Unique look and design with incredible functionality No Installation Needed (Fully Portable Support) No Need administrator rights. Allows running as a Normal/Limited User Generation of huge amounts of passphrases at once Generation of Passphrases consisting of words from word lists Pronounceable Passwords (Perfect Solution to keep Passphrases in mind) Pattern-based Password Generation (Endless Possibilities to Customize Passphrases to the user’s needs) On-demand Special Symbols included into a password (~, !, @, #, $, %, ^, &, *, (, ), comma, dot, =, +, <, >) User's Master Passphrase which allows encrypting/decrypting the whole database Powerful In-Memory Passwords Protection: The usernames and passwords are fully encrypted while the program is running in the background/foreground Visual Decryptor Engine (Protects all Decrypted Database Records from being read on memory) On-demand Database Encryption (Only the specific parts of database records that are being shown will be decrypted, but other parts stay encrypted) Unique and Innovative Screen-Capture Protection (Avoids Malicious Softwares from capturing Screenshots or Videos from PassNGuard windows while the user is typing his/her Master-Passwords) Multi-Database system with elegance and ease! (an integrated data system composed of a collection of 2 or more autonomous databases) Easy-to-Transfer Database (a fully encrypted Passphrase Database "*.pgdb" which can be moved easily. This makes it: Faster to access, more reliable and usable offline) Clipboard Monitoring Engine to avoids leaking sensitive info, such as in-memory stored usernames and passphrases Unique Seed Creator Algorithm for each generated password Auto-Backup Database feature on adding/closing/modifying each record Advanced Search Function Feature to seeking database records according to the user's needs. Allows Unlimited Number of Entries to be stored in the database and much more.