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This guide is intended to be a starting point for New Members to teach you how to getting started with developing on GiGatR00n and have a good experience and be good GiGatR00n community members.

I suggest bookmarking any of the following links which might seem helpful since chances are in the future.


~~~ Getting Started ~~~
First of all, you need to have an account by registering HERE.
This enables you to make topics, post questions and helpful replies to other people's questions and get thanks.


~~~ The Rules ~~~
First and foremost, when it comes to success on GiGatR00n, we expect all members (both New and Old) to know, understand, and follow all of the rules and policies set forth by the forum administrators. You can review the rules in the link below. These rules are also pinned at the top of every forum page as an announcement.

Here is the Short Version:

  1. Follow The Rules and Policies
  2. Do not SPAM the board
  3. Use "Search" before making a new topic
  4. Post in the correct Section(s)
  5. Respect other Members/Developers/Administrators
  6. And always remember

Here is the Full Version:  GiGatR00n's Rules and Policies


~~~ Reading ~~~
, Searching and again Reading is the best way to start.
If you read an answer that looks helpful or answers a question you might have, Bookmark it, and when you see someone else ask that question, you will have the answer for them plus a supporting link to the topic(s).

Always Read/Search lots, Post Little

I strongly recommend reading ALL of the sticky notes and guides in the subforums which are pinned to the top of the subforum.


~~~ Searching ~~~
When you have a question you don't know the answer to, don't post a new thread when you could post a question in a relevant open thread, and don't post a question when a few minutes reading and searching will not only give you an answer, but a feeling of accomplishment that you were able to find it yourself, and the confidence to remember and repeat the answer with the link to the thread or post with that answer when you see someone else post that question you didn't have to.

Consider the question you are going to post, pick out the keywords and type them into the search box. 
Try a few different searches with slightly different words.

You can also search the GiGatR00n forum with Google. Just add this Dorks to your search terms:


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