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These guides are used to figure out what is and isn't acceptable on this board and for forum use in general.

Contact The Moderators/Administrator if you need any kind of help or Send a Private Message to our entire mod crew.


~~~ Small-Scale Rules ~~~

  • Don't post from an alternate account (Both accounts will be banned immediately).
  • Never discuss any illegal activities (Crack, Hack, etc).
  • Don't flame, troll, or post disruptively and don't encourage such behavior.
  • Don't victimize others and avoid discriminatory language.
  • Don't post inappropriate material (Pornographic, Overtly Sexual, Gore, etc).


~~~ Definition of Spam ~~~

  • Topics in which you are Promoting, Advertising, Offering goods/services for commercial purposes or financial gain.
  • Topics that consist of "Thoughts of the day", immature or inane content/purpose.
  • Topics solely linking to websitesvideosimages or any other things without any commentary from the Topic Creator.


~~~ Posting in Old Topics ~~~

  1. Posting in old topics is discouraged (in some cases, is not allowed!).
  2. Be sure to check the Date of Topic or the Last Post before you start to reply.
  3. Topics that have not been posted in for three weeks or longer will be locked (stickied threads excluded).


~~~ Three Strike Rule ~~~

Hate speech and threats have no place in the GiGatR00n communities. We want the forums to be welcoming and engaging for users. Therefore, the admins have a 3 Strike Rule that will be enforced. It is as follows:

First offense...............: User will receive a warning.
Second offense............: One Week Suspension from the whole site.
Third offense...............: Permanent Ban from the whole of GiGatR00n Communities.

For the sake of clarity, this will include forums, comment sections, and blogs.


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