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Here at GiGatR00n Developing Community, your security is always our top priority. So that we will be implementing an Enhanced Password Requirement for the GiGatR00n Forums.This change will affect both new users signing up to our forums and any users who update their password after today. We encourage all to adhere to this new security policy.

Passwords will be required to be “Strong” enough and there will be a Password Quality Meter to guide you to this strength level.

The strength of a password is calculated using an algorithm which rewards longer passwords with a mix of letters, numbers and symbols, and subtracts points for using consecutive or sequential characters.

Note: A “Strong” enough password is “a mixture of upper and lowercase characters, numbers and special symbols.”

Characteristics of Strong Passwords:

  • At least 9 characters long (Some security experts declared 6 chars long! but It's wrong. Nowadays the software programmers can make software based on GPU Processors which are hundreds of times faster than CPUs, so that breaking passwords by Brute Force method are quite simple)
  • The use of both lower case and upper case letters, a digit and a special symbol such as #/[email protected]~$%^<>_,&*.=()+?
  • Never use names, words, phone numbers or addresses (Important)
  • Misspelled words are highly recommended because they are not inside attacker's dictionary.
  • Any combination of words/letters with unusual capitalization, digits, and special symbols such as GiGatR00n, W0rLd0fYeARe2017, LASeR_t9 and so on.
  • Prohibition of use of Company Name or an Abbreviation such as GoogleMicrosoft, Oracle, Laser and etc.
  • Prohibition of words found in a Password Blacklist such as qwer1234, wasd, abc123ABC, 123qweasd and so on.



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